Family Christmas Ceilidh – Sat 30th November 2013

Posted by Liz Blanchard on 2013-12-19

Our fourth Annual Family Ceilidh was held in Dalton Village Hall this year and was enjoyed by those who attended. The numbers were down on previous year’s attendance, but we welcomed one new family and it is great to see the regulars still enjoying it so much.

Liz booked Tony, the solo player and singer and we think he’s fab. He thoroughly enjoys leading the evening with the kids, offering prize money generously from his own pocket. This year though he gave it all away in the first game and Izzy won a grand £4.30 (ish)

Little 2 year old Leo was a hit with everyone – he had so much energy, ran everywhere and moved along to the music whenever it was on, but not always contributing to the group dances in quite the same way as others – he is only 2! - I think his favourite was the dance where we were in a circle and all moved into the middle, then ladies, then men and he was like a ‘brown girl in a ring’ each time getting squashed in the centre chuckling away to himself.

Whilst we stopped to eat (thanks to Kim and Anna for arranging the food lists, setting the table and to everyone for bringing some glorious grub and to Simon for manning the kitchen as he likes to do to avoid dancing) Leo still couldn’t be contained; he moved around with snack in hand. His close friend, Isaac, was the only other child he danced so well with.

It’s so lovely to see children of all ages enjoying the dancing – there were so many less errors this year as even the 7 and 8 year olds have become experts and rarely made mistakes. The two 15 year old girls also had a whale of a time, especially trying to win musical chairs!

Thanks to the team as it was very much a joint effort this year: Liz for arranging it, Alison for booking and setting up the hall, Anna for taking bookings, and Kim for organising the food.

Roll on next year – we’ll always welcome so many more along.

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