Club Ceilidh - 9th September 2017

Posted by Liz Blanchard on 2017-12-03

The social committee decided to organize a ceilidh for everyone to join in this autumn. It meant members of all ages could come to Richmond and dance all evening. We had Tony, a 1 man band providing the music and calling, (he’s amazingly talented) and he kept us dancing and playing all evening.

60 people joined us and we all enjoyed a good evening of various dances - even new ones we’d not danced before. There were new members there, many families and various other members who enjoyed the dancing and the chatter. Thanks, particularly, go to Barbara for providing the bar and snacks and for the social committee for organizing an event. (Anna, Liz, Alison). Unfortunately, we made a loss as holding it in an expensive hall in Richmond didn’t draw in enough dancers as we hoped it would, being in our home town.

One particular couple deserved a prize as they danced every song whilst the rest of us needed a few breaks. Many of us danced with various partners and that also made the evening very sociable.

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