What Roman Road?

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-10-03

We woke early Sunday morning to the sound of rain pelting on the velux window and Judith’s mobile beeping messages.  First Phil and Rachel, then Pete and Anne and then Alan and Sarah all texting their excuses and apologies.


Anyway Steven and I set off into the downpour to see if any other numpties, sorry I mean enthusiastic riders, wanted to venture out.  New member, James, said he was turning up as was Russ. Steven and I had just managed to persuade James that today was not the day to start his riding career with the SOC, when Russ jumps out of his van and says he’s up for a ride. Well we couldn’t let him go on his own so the 4 of us set off from Bainbridge up the Roman Road. There was one benefit about the day’s weather and that was the cloud was so low you couldn’t see where the track was heading. Another positive was it wasn’t windy so we were soon all boil in the bag in our waterproofs. We also managed to sneak up on 3 barn owls just minding their own business – they flew off but we spotted 2 of them together again just a bit further up the track.


Three quarters the way up the Roman Road we headed off on the bridleway towards Countersett, taking it easy on the wet rocks to make sure we were all in one piece at the bottom. Instead of then taking the short cut back as we were now very wet, Steven took us off for another loop heading to Marsett then out of the village on the very rocky track and 3 water crossings to negotiate.  A bridge would have got us through 2 of them quite nicely but it was a ‘what the heck’ kind of day as far as water was concerned so we all had a go with varying amounts of water going over the top of our boots. It was good for a laugh.


After a steep uphill to Stalling Busk and a quick shelter in the church door we made the sensible decision to head straight back to Bainbridge and the cafe.


A warning goes out to all you ride leaders in future – you can stop worrying if Emz will turn up when the weather is lousy – it’s Russ you need to look out for!!

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