What a Gay Day!

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-08-14

Philski, Rach, Ed, Peter, Alan, Sarah, Saski, Nevski


Always one to sniff out a good cafe (and fish and chip shop), I was informed by my folks of a lovely farm shop/cafe at East Rounton called Roots. Looking over my OS map I noticed it had a bridleway leading straight from its front door over to the Cleveland Hills... Bingo!...everyone knows the MTB section is fuelled on cake, so into the program it went.


Prior to the 14th August ride date I’d spoken to the farmer and asked permission to use his car park, and so our Saturday easy-going ride came in to being and all eight of us headed off into the hills. Any of the early birds (Alan & Sarah) might be clear headed enough to realise at some point we’d all have to cross the A19. Thankfully we lost no one to the busy traffic, and there were no pheasant attempts... halfway...double check...about turn...turn again...etc. We all continued through Ingleby Arncliffe following the Coast to Coast route up through Arncliffe Wood towards Osmotherly with Saskia, errh, bringing up the rear making sure no one, errh, fell off the back with the break-neck speeds we were cutting.


Reaching the reservoir road and explaining the route I had mapped, Alan and Sarah informed me it was shooting season and more importantly of the game keeper’s dislike of MTB’rs this time of the year on Whorlton moor... cheers guys... don’t want to upset game keepers do we. So after a play on the descent down to Sheep Wash ford, we rode along to Clain wood and tackled the steps directing us over to Scugdale destined for Swainby.


In passing through Swainby I turned to Sarah and remarked - “do you remember Mark the MTB’r who lives here?”  Sarah, a little puzzled, replied - “is he the one who highlights his hair?”  This then created a debate as to whether the chap in question actually tints his follicles.  If this sounds a camp conversation, the whole day had its queer moments...


Me for inexplicably putting my finger down Peter’s bum, as he passed me on the head of Cod Beck Reservoir. Peter for enjoying it and squeezing my bum back.


Philski for wowing about the ‘pump action’ caught on video... can’t explain...just purchase the end of year DVD that Phil and Rach are putting together... it’s hilarious... I promise ya.


Ed for ordering peppermint tea and a fairy cake from Roots cafe...(is he living a lie?).


Altogether a fun day, sun shone throughout, and a cake stop to finish with... fab!  Or in the words of John Inman - “what a gay day”!


p.s. If Mark wants to clear the hair thing up call me...

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