Wednesday Night Warriors

Posted by Mark Russell on 2016-01-21

After the rather mild December, January came with a proper bite of winter. The temperature guage on the car while on the way to Grinton was showing a rather chilly -1 deg C. Thoughts of skidding and slipping all over the place was coming to mind. I joined Neil S, Ian and his pal Scott. I was informed by them that someone was sat opposite the YHA with a bike on the roof. Guessing this was Andy our newcomer I made my way up to him and he then also joined us in the car park. 

Setting off up the road it wasn't long before the back wheel started slipping on the ice. After a bit of nattering between myself and Neil and then exploring we found our way onto the track towards Greets Quarry. Passing through the gate we carried on, picking up the track and descending down what is normally a very fast descent. This time however we were all taking it just a little bit slower to say the least! Once at the bottom we turned right along the Apedale Road crossing Apedale head where none of us could get enough grip on the snow and ice to get to the top without having to get off. The snow at this part of the ride was quite deep in spots and kept us on our toes with the wheels trying to slip out from under us. Carrying on we then turned right at Whitaside Moor towards Green Hills then crossing Browna Gill. Over Harker top before then picking up the road back towards the cars at Grinton. The road descent had us all riding really carefully. A total of 10.5 miles covered.

Many thanks to Neil S, Ian, Scott and Andy for joining me on a very cold night.

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