Waskerley Way,

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-01-09

Lets see if we can get all the comings and goings on this ride correct - as you'll see it all got a bit complicated.  Starting from Swalwell we had Phil, Andy J, Russ, Alan & Sarah, James & Barbara, Mel and Pete.  Some set off a bit early and some set of a bit late.  Starting from near Lanchester (a bit later after coffee and biscuits) were Neil, Katheryn, Rach & Sas.  There was snow and ice on the lines and a strong head wind - hard going by all accounts!   At the Consett sculptures Pete turned back.  Shortly after Consett the Lanchester bunch joined the fray.  Not far after that Sas and Katherine turned back (they did have the excellent excuse of Sas being 4 months pregnant).  Russ kept saying he wanted to go back, but never did.  Alan and Sarah hit the incredible head wind and spindrift near Waskerley and turned back.  Barbara battled on and then hit the sheet ice of the road crossing (plus the head wind and spindrift) and turned back.  Phil, Andy, Neil, Russ, Mel, Rach & James made it and were rewarded with hot soup, sandwiches, fry ups, apple pie and carrot cake (we all contemplated the food and decided that if there hadn't been a cafe no one would have bothered to make it).  On the way back the wind assisted us and the snow and ice made things more fun than hard work.  The remnants of the Lanchester group (Neil & Rach) made it back just as the light was fading.  The hardcore Swalwell group got back in the dark (lucky they packed lights).  A slightly mad, but entertaining day!

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