Ullswater singletrack and Martindale

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2017-05-13

Eleven of us met up on a dry and bright day in Pooley Bridge and spent a short time driving round looking for the best place to park, either free, £3, £6 or £8. Inadvertently half of us ended up in the most expensive place; my bad, sorry! Total team was Judith, Steve, Ian, Mark G, Rob, Mike, Liz, Jenny, Dave A, Alan and Sarah. We headed up to the Cockpit for a fast and dry run along the bridleway to Howtown, an excellent start to the ride especially as we had quite a few people who hadn't done it before. Next challenge - the Ullswater singletrack. We spread out along here as it's quite challenging riding and eventually re-assembled on the top of a knoll where we found a lost toy panda for a photo opportunity. Steve found him a safe home in a little cave and then we set off for the trickiest downhill section. A photo opportunity near Nev's Leap (many years ago Nev went about 30 feet down the hill here and nearly landed in the lake) but nobody followed suit and we all got to Side Farm safely. There were murmurs about coffee but I pointed upwards and said we've got to push our bikes to the top of Beda Fell so we decided not to hang about. The bit up to Boredale Hause is pretty grim to be honest, very steep and loose but everybody made it and we stopped at the top for a breather and snacks. The last climb up onto Beda Fell was ok and we had another photo opp. at the top as we dropped over the edge onto the lovely singletrack that heads down into Martindale. Dry as a bone as it hadn't rained for ages and interesting all the way down. Back to Pooley Bridge for ice-creams, sausage rolls, coffee etc. and a natter. Thanks everyone, an excellent day out.

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