A two cake day

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-08-31

Russ, Jenny, Ian, Alan and I met up in Bainbridge on a lovely Saturday (luckily reorganised from Sunday as that turned out wet) and Russ led us off up Stake Allotments. A longish slog up but then a long descent down dry limestone into Buckden for our first cake stop of the day - scones were popular but Alan made do with apple pie and ice-cream. We then re-traced our steps and climbed back up to the top for the even longer descent down to Stalling Busk. The rocky and lumpy lower section of the track was good fun with no falls and no submissions. The church at the bottom was doing coffee and cake, we couldn't pass that by (or Russ couldn't anyway) so we stopped to top up our cake stores. Refreshed we carried on down, Russ deciding to take the wet route and the rest of us opting for dry feet. A final hoon down the Roman Road and we were back. We decided we couldn't fit any more cake in so we all headed home after a very good and scenic ride. Thanks to Russ for organising.

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