Token boy at Reeth

Posted by Mark Russell on 2017-02-23
I was very kindly escorted by Karen to make the meeting point at the village green. A warm fuzzy feeling inside as on the roof of Karen's car was my new steed! By the way she's called Jane.
We arrived to be shortly joined by Jenny & Liz H. There was a group of running/mtb eventers also giving Reeth hell and one of the organisers kindly let us knew where they would likely be. After ten or so minutes of me faffing to get the suspension somewhere near right and Liz wrestling with a glove we set off. In typical SOC fashion we went straight for the tough stuff with no warm up tackling Fremmy edge. I felt ok for the first part, failed the second part, cleaned the rough part and brought up the rear. Karen must have had at least 4 Weetabix that morning as whizzed all the way up with no bother!
We then continued down to Hurst before climbing back up to tackle the quarry. All of us safely making it to the bottom and me with a large grin as descending now feels somewhat more fun. The girls kindly held the lower gate for a few guys eventing before we set off over the stream and along the river. Once at the bridge we made our way across to Foregill gate stopping for a quick bite before continuing along Cringley Hill. Karen mentioned it by another name which I've forgotten. We decided to keep our height and tackle the steep road. I'd found my legs by now and enjoyed zipping up it. To finish off we took on Skelgate as it's just too much fun! Only a 12 miler in all but some decent ups and downs. It also gave us enough time for cake at Dales and a wash etc before heading off to the AGM. Thanks for joining me ladies. Much enjoyed.
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