The tale of two car parks

Posted by on 2015-05-02

The day didn't start well.  With the non appearance of two usually very prompt people who for the purposes of confidentiality shall remain nameless (but one of them has just got a new green bike).  It subsequently turned out that while everyone else was meeting at Bank Foot near Ingleby Greenhow they had gone, for reasons known only to themselves, to Clay Bank near Ingleby Greenhow.  The fact that both parties could probably have seen each other with binoculars is beside the point.  I can only presume it to be a sign of the ageing demographics of the club.  Perhaps it’s a sign of things to come and possibly something to consider in the Club Health and Safety protocols.


So with two riders down before we had even turned a wheel Mike, Liz, Sean, Mark, Nev and Neil set off along the old railway line towards Ingleby Incline under a cloudless sky and a chill breeze. Within minutes and having climbed nearly 300m in about 1.5km the breeze was a real bonus and very welcome.  A cheeky short cut took us to the bridleway leading down to Baysdale Abbey and on to the road junction above Hob Hole.  How different the riding is when the trails are dry!


A well earned cafe stop was taken in Castleton which sadly failed to live up to our expectations unless Nev was hoping for penicillin with his cake!


Returning over Hograh Moors from Westerdale provided an entertaining section of rockiness culminating with Nev ‘stepping off’ his bike to lie in the bed of the stream.  I’ve never seen it before and probably never will again but somehow he managed to lie down in the stream and come up bone dry!  Incredible!


A quick return to Baysdale Abbey, a steep climb up the road on to Battersby Moor and back down a good, rocky, loose, descent of Turkey Nab to the cars at Bank Foot as opposed to Clay Bank!


A note of caution was that just before the start of the descent proper to Bank Foot and tucked away around a blind left hand bend was a cheeky axle high chain strung across the bridleway.

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