Sutton Bank singletrack

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-06-18

A Saturday easy going ride saw Alan, Mike, Martin (coming along to try us out), Andrew, Arabella, Saskia and me meet up at Sutton Bank on a cool but dry morning. Nev and Skye came along as well to check out the pump track before heading off for a family visit. We headed out along the blue route with Andrew doing sterling service pulling Arabella along in the woo hoo and the rest of us trying to keep up. We got to the edge of the hills and turned north to follow the track up past High Paradise (no cafe stop here I'm afraid) and back onto the top. Andrew headed back so that Arabella could have a go on the pump track before putting on her mermaid outfit for a party. Meanwhile the rest of us did a short but fun loop round a bit of the red route and then hot-wheeled it back to the start all the way along the singletrack above the cliff edge. As usual we had a fun time, dry tracks and plenty of swoopy bits. Back at Sutton Bank we adjourned for a well earned piece of cake and a chat about our recent Scottish adventures.

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