Sunny Sunday at Osmotherley

Posted by Mark Russell on 2016-06-07

Having spent a bit of the previous night trying to put the route together in my head as well as electronically into GPX I was pleased when I knew Sarah B our very own map master would be joining us. In fact there were 8 in total, myself Alan & Sarah, Simon B, Mike & Liz, Dr.J, and Jenny.

The loop was headed for Scugdale and even having ridden this route a couple of times I still managed to forget the odd left or right turn. Thankfully either Garmin told me I was off course or Sarah did. However taking one wrong turn actually turned out to our favour as we managed to find a small bit of trail taking us back down to the correct path that was great fun. With any luck at least one or two of us will remember it for next time.

After a bit of a push we all stopped for a re-fuel and just took in the sights on offer with such grand weather. I quickly grabbed the map again to run my route past Sarah who mentioned a slightly different approach to the descent back which once we got there was well worth it. Super singletrack that is running so well due to the dry conditions.

Yet another mechanical cursed me with my rear mech, fettling seems not to have cured the slightly bent cage so might be time for a new one. Thanks to Liz for the help in digging out the chain from the back of the cassette. Some grassy energy sapping climbing before popping out on the road towards Square corner where we then headed right towards sheep wash. Enough time to ensure we had our pads fitted before all heading safely down through the rocky descent and some picnicers too!

The road back was packed with cars around the resevoir and there was a parking inspector out and about who looked as though he was going to be busy writing tickets! What a kill joy on such a grand day!

Before we knew it we were all back drinking tea & coffee as well as eating scones and cakes. 

Many thanks for joining me.

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