A sunny day out from Reeth

Posted by Judith Turner on 2017-01-25

As Steven had a quick trip to Perth (Australia!) with work it was left to me to lead a ride out from Reeth. Jenny, a new Neil and Ian were due to join me and a last minute change of plan meant Karen and Andy also came out to play.

To keep things simple (for me from a map reading point of view only) we headed up Fremington Edge. It was a bit of a shock to the system but a good way to get warm. From here we did the usual descent through the quarry although Andy did do a little off-piste exploring. The plan from Langthwaite was to do a loop of Pinseat but as I had back up navigation from Karen and Andy we had a re-plan. Having enjoyed the swoopy fun descent to Healaugh we crossed the river to take in Intake Wall, Desmonds and finished off on Gamekeepers. Neil did very well considering he had a poorly paw and was struggling to hold on with one hand for some of the ride but manned up to complete the ride – good effort! Karen and I had a few attempts at our favourite stream – from both directions – with, shall we say, room for improvement! As the day went on the weather kept improving and the teeny flurry of snow we saw in Langthwaite was no more as the sun gave way to a beautiful day and we arrived back relatively clean. A very enjoyable 18 miles, over 900 m of ascent and 4 cracking descents. We finished off at Dales where we thought we had upset Ian as he enjoyed his coffee and cake in the sun not realising we had grabbed a table inside and were also joined by Yvette who had been out walking.

A grand day out; thank you all for playing


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