A Slightly Muddy Birthday Ride

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-09-26

Our last club ride in September was just before my birthday so I advertised cake and fifteen people came along! Always works! We got to Square Corner above Osmotherley at 10am for a 10-30 start and discovered Dave T, Mike, Liz and friend Kevin were ready and waiting. A heavy shower slowed down our preparations for departure and by the time we set off Phil, Karen, Emma, Graham, John, Ed, Nev, Sas and Skye had also turned up. Sas and Skye set off for a walk and the rest of us headed down the singletrack in the direction of Hawnby. It was muddy but much more fun than doing it in the opposite direction which is what we usually seem to do. Road to Hawnby Hill and then the drop down to the river, also muddy (theme of the day) but fun as we neared the bridge. We plodded back up past Arden Hall and stopped for first lunch just before the wind on the top, by this time the rain had gone away and the sun was peeping out. Even more mud on the run down to Kepwick via rhododendron alley - we met up with a team of horses so we had a bit of a traffic jam but the rocky section was very amusing (if you like that sort of thing). A steady ride back up to the top and then Phil and Alan did a short extra loop (oddly enough that was muddy as well) while the rest of us headed back to Square Corner for cake. We shared coffee cake, salted caramel cake and chocolate cupcakes and stood around chatting for ages. Phil, Alan, Sas and Skye all returned just in time to share in the goodies and eventually we all headed off. Thanks very much for coming, it was a lovely day out!

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