Seathwaite; The Borrowdale Bash

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-02-27

Saturday morning was well and truly broken by Pete waking everyone up in a very loud and overly cheerful manor! I politely told him to shut up and go away! Later, once all the sleeping slugs had woken up, there was the usual chaos of getting ready, followed by several false starts due to mechanicals.  Eventually the group (Nev, Sas, Rach, Phil, Lucy, Dave A, Pete, Anne, Sarah, Alan, Andy and me) finally managed to set off up the Honister Pass. What a way to start a ride - in one word Brutal!  It very definitely warms you up and in my case (with a banging headache) makes you feel violently sick - I did notice most people gave me a wide berth at the top ‘cos I looked ready to vom!  Lucky I didn't and after a wonderful head massage from Phil I felt almost ready to continue!  We pumped, bermed and flew our way along the singletrack to Castle Crag and woo woo’d down the rocky descent, carefully managing to stop to let a huge number of walkers past before finishing the descent (we are a considerate lot us mountain bikers).  Then along the Catbells terrace and towards the Peddler Cafe in Keswick. Lots and lots of food and free soup later we started along the road to begin grinding up towards Watendlath.  A quick ‘hike a bike’ later and we were sessioning one of the best descents in the Lakes.  We also had to pick up a local rider who did a great somersault, landing on his head and sending his bike 4 foot in the air!  Then the group split, with the silly crazy members (Pete, Lucy, Andy, Rach & Phil) doing the extra singletrack loop around Stonewaite and the rather more sensible group (Alan, Sarah, Nev, Sas & me) heading back to get a head start on the cake - of which there was plenty!  Anne's devine orange cake, my lemon drizzle cake and Rach’s oh so very yummy ‘all in Pete's tummy’ cookies! So when's the section CAKE OFF????


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