Richmond; Family Ride

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-03-13

After a chilly, and windy picnic lunch near the swimming pool we ventured off on our bikes, having been joined by friends Karen, Dave and 4 yr old Jordan on a trailer and Alison and Izzy remained with us after the orienteering. So 9 of us set off along the railway line and enjoyed the trip along to Easby Abbey with a number of stops to keep Izzy pedalling well. The 4 children all took a turn on the echo rock after cycling up the drive. Izzy was then let lose to cycle off back down the drive whilst Karen and I held our hearts in our mouths: admiring her strength and courage. The others soon followed where we all played hide and seek and had many energy snacks.

After a few bike adjustments and Liz pedalling off with Dave to show him the possible extension to this amazingly short ride, we simply set off back again with the lure of ice cream keeping those feet turning well. Unfortunately Izzy took a tumble as she crashed into the rocks just before the bridge over the River Swale. Now we really needed a promise of ice cream to persuade her to carry on. It had been Jordan’s first trip on his trailer and he thoroughly enjoyed it with the company of other kids.
We all sat in the sun with our Archer’s ice creams and praised the children for their efforts during the busy day. Then it was time to set off back to the clubhouse for tea, cake and pizzas. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you to all those who joined us. There will be plenty of Family activities throughout the summer. Look out for them in newsletters as well as on the programme.

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