Richmond; Easy Ride

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-03-18

Various people had suggested that the Club ran some easy mid-week mountain bike rides (during the day not in the dark). We decided that we would run them on a Thursday when there were no walks scheduled. Barbara and I agree to start off by doing an easy ride around the borders of Richmond.

Unfortunately we picked a bad time with the various people referred to above not being able to make the ride. So instead of being joined by out-of-practice veteran mountain bikers we were joined by super fit Alan and Sarah.

The four of us took the old railway line out of Richmond to Easby past St Trinians – there was no sign of George Coles or any schoolgirls (I told you we were veterans) – and on to Skeeby. From there we went past Olliver’s to Gilling and the bridleway to Whashton. The ford was easily passable although we were told tales of derring-do when the stream was in full flow.  Beyond Kirby Hill we took the bridleway which skirts the Feldom Ranges – again we heard stories of adventurous mountain bike rides avoiding the bullets. The return route took us via Jagger Lane past the Beacon through the eco lodges and a fast descent to the main road.

We were pleased that we managed to keep pace with Alan and Sarah on the uphill stretches but they descended far faster than we did as a result of better bikes but mainly more courage and skill.

We enjoyed our rare foray into mountain biking and have planned to lead more mid-week rides in April and June. We hope to see more people out on our June ride on Thursday 10th from Reeth. If you haven’t got a mountain bike you could hire one from the Bike Centre at Fremington. Hope to see you there!

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