Mountain Bike Cake Off 2017

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2017-11-22

The Eighth Annual Mountain Bike Section Cake-Off took place in early November on a lovely sunny Sunday. Everybody met up at our house in Richmond and left their cakes in the kitchen to await our return. A dozen of us set off down to Easby and along the old railway line into Richmond and along the river. We met up with Rachel and Leo on the way up to the Applegarth bridleway and all of us had a good run on a quick, dry trail across to Clapgate Bank. We stopped for lunch at the top and then most of us headed off to Gilling Wood for a fast run back to Skeeby. We all met up again back at our house with appetites sharpened to make a start on the splendid array of cakes people made for the 2017 Cake Off.

Seventeen adults and four small children ate far too much cake and then puzzled over ranking all of the excellent cakes our crack baking team had produced. The final result was another win for our greatest baker, Judith, with yet another fantastic cake - she has now won four competitions out of eight! By the time we had finished we all had to go home for a lie down, far too much cake!

Thanks to everybody who baked cakes, ate cakes and rode bikes, another memorable day in the life of the mountain bike section.

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