Lots of Water in Wensleydale

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2015-12-24

We headed over to Aysgarth Falls in some trepidation on the morning after Storm Desmond. The main road up the valley was closed by flooding but we got through on a very wet back road to meet up with Emma, Karen, Russ, Neil and Jenny at the visitor centre on a bright morning. To start with we headed up onto High Lane and had a fun ride back down the flooded and washed out track back down to West Burton. So far, so good. Then things got a bit tricky, we couldn't cross the main valley as it was flooded for miles in each direction, similarly we couldn't reach Thoralby either. We settled for the road back up to Aysgarth but even that involved riding through deep water on the road. Then along to Cubeck and up a very wet and ploddy track to Carpley Green. I was a bit dubious about our final choice, to go round the back of Addleborough on the grassy bridleway, but it actually turned out to be a very good idea. It was relatively firm even though there was loads of deep standing water and we had a fun ride back towards Thornton Rust. By this time we were soaked from the feet up by the flood water so we made for the visitor centre cafe and finished the day off with some excellent Christmas cake and coffee. Thanks everyone for coming out in the wet.

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