Liz and her six peas

Posted by Liz Hughes on 2015-04-28

Having only taken two years to pluck up the courage to lead a ride with the Mtb section things didn't quite go to plan!!
The old army adage of prior preparation prevents piss poor performance meant that I was taking this leadership role seriously - or so I thought! Searching the internet for easygoing rides around the 15 miles, I found a perfect little number that ended up at a cafe so what could go wrong!! Mike and I headed out a couple of Saturdays ago to recce it but soon realised the westerly winds were making it a complete slog of a ride however the views and shooting lodges on the Bolton estate were worth it.
So Saturday 25 April arrived and having abandoned the car in Preston under Scar, seven of us met up and acknowledged the westerly winds were in force again!  The 118 118 couple of the Mtb section soon rerouted us to a north/south plan over Grinton Moor, through bogs and way more exciting terrain that I'd planned - Phew! On arrival at the cafe stop Judith suggested we kept going and head for The Dales centre - I wondered why at first but now I know - her and Brenda talked cakes and baking powder for at least an hour!  Beware she is definitely going for the hat trick at 2015s bake off!
Thanks to everyone who ventured out and a whopping thanks to Sarah for her local knowledge on winds, routes, terrain and map reading. 
Let's hope it doesn't take me another two years before I offer to lead another ride!

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