Kirby Hill: The Pie Eating Competition

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-10-07

Despite prior warning from Judith that our regular Wednesday night ride was to be followed in the Shoulder of Mutton by a large number of cheese pies left over from Judith's wedding, nobody took a blind bit of notice. Hence it was that nearly everybody had already eaten by the time we assembled in the pub after a very pleasant ride for the pie eating marathon. Landlady Tonie had decided that pies by themselves might not be quite filling enough so had also prepared two very large plates of fat chips as well. It was 9-45pm before combat was engaged and by 10-30pm we had our winner, Anthony (who else?) was the victor with five pies, Judith and Emma came joint second with four pies each and despite Rach's bold statement that she would "eat as many pies as I can" she only managed three. Graham (three), the two Robs (three each), Alan (only one, poor) and I (only one as well) did our bit and between us we ate a grand total of 27 pies and about 5lbs of chips. Pity Steve wasn't there, I'm sure we could have baited Anthony into eating even more with stiffer competition. Hopefully everybody got home without exploding.

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