Kilnsey – return visit for more top bombing!

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-08-15

How lucky were we – yet again a beautiful day to make the most of this great ride. Eight of us set off from the car park having fought our way through all the Kettlewell scarecrow traffic. I was asked where we were going, but then Sarah and Rachel realised it was pointless asking me as last year I couldn’t even get out the car park. I did recognise the route though as we headed up Mastiles Lane to Malham and our customary ice cream stop. On the way we had our first puncture but it was a good opportunity for filming – phnargh, phnargh!


Sadly this is where Steven opted for the short 12 mile road route home as his back was playing up and the hard tail wasn’t fun. This left me as nominated leader and I quickly delegated the responsibility to Sat Nav Sarah, on the strict understanding that any end of year awards were still coming our way. Onwards and upwards to Arncliffe Cote and the day was warming up – the descent down was very welcome and a good place to stop for lunch.


The climb to take us over Old Cote Moor top and down to Starbotton was as horrible as last year – especially as we hit the hottest part of the day – the expletives were plenty and predictable; Em was nearly regretting her flat pedals but put a brave face on while busting a gut.


I have just looked back at the report from last year and note that I managed a handstand/endo - I wonder if it was the same hole that managed to get Phil’s front wheel, sending him cart wheeling down the hill, arms and legs flailing in the manner of the well known ‘International Distress Signal’ Just a shame we didn’t get it on film.

I went on to film the next stage and got laughed at as I careered around the trail – ha ha I thought as they all came skidding down the wet limestone and realised my problem! The tricky bit came next with the rocky steep section that fazed a few last year. This year Phil, Rach and Em cleaned it straight off with David G, Sarah and Alan opting for self-preservation. I decided I could ride it, I wanted to and just had to get on with it. Finally on take five, after many firm words to myself, I finally managed to sort my line out and do it – hurrah!


Little did we know that the next bit was much worse than last year as the limestone was extremely wet and precarious. Alan was a real gent and held the gate getting a ringside seat for the first stages. There were many moments and lots of shouts – not least by Rach as I volunteered to hold her back wheel while she re-mounted – Rach had good reason to be nervous after Steven let her go prematurely in the Alps. I did manage to let Rach get clipped in but it might have been a bit quick (oops). She did provide entertainment for the cyclists coming up and did stay on while David G got a puncture – more classic movie moments.


Then it was back to the cars and the now customary dip in the river – Sarah was very well prepared with her swimsuit while the rest of us were in lycra and cycling shoes – nice. We’d never do well in the brownies though as we only had one towel between five of us. After some top bombing we all got changed and went home. A great day was had by all – thanks for playing.

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