Judith and Steve's August rides

Posted by Judith Turner on 2016-09-05

In August Neil S, David G (long time, no see), Karen and Jenny accompanied Steven and I on the Leighton Reservoir ride. The tracks were somewhat undefined in places i.e. we got lost and there was quite a lot of heather bashing going on. We did have a cracking day out with the girl's team winning all the medals on the climbs!

Our first Wednesday's night ride was from Barningham where we did more heather bashing and lost Dr John in a hole, followed by some cattle rustling and a adventuring in the woods. Dr. John was fine as it was a soft landing
and we finished off a lovely ride with a cocktail in the pub - as you do!

The following Wednesday, we headed off on the Catterick Raid and lost Dr. John down a hole again - a very lucky landing for him this time as he slid backwards for quite a way before dropping off the edge and somersaulting headfirst! Luckily he was just a bit shaken but might think about avoiding Steven's rides!

Our Dent ride in September relocated to the Dales due to a poor forecast and we had a lovely trip round the local trails ending up in Dales cafe. We will do Dent another day if we think the weather looks better

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