Ingleby Greenhow

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-03-14

Six riders turned out on the morning of Mother’s Day for a ride that started with the ascent of a snowy topped Ingleby Incline. We then headed across Bloworth Crossing and followed the old mineral line, going made slow by some of the cuttings still being full of snow, across to the Lion at Blakey. Heading towards Castleton along the road the ride turned left and descended off road down into Westerdale. We then followed the gated track out onto Hograh Moor and picked our way through the rocky singletrack and stream crossings to Baysdale. A steep tarmac climb took us out of Baysdale and onto Battersby Moor.  The fine weather broke for a while, but picked up again as we headed down the descent to Bank Foot and back to Ingleby Greenhow.

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