High Cup Nick

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-08-31

I was lazy before we headed off to France and didn't write up our ride to High Cup Nick, I'm doing it now because it really is an amazing place and well worth visiting. Alan, Mike, Liz, Jenny and I met up in Dufton and plodded our way up the tarmac road to the bridleway near the top of Dufton Fell, it's steep in places and judging by the number of roadies it's become a popular test piece. The bridleway down was fiddly and fun singletrack, mainly dry and easy enough to find this time. The push up a steep and very grassy hill that followed was less fun but nobody complained (hard to push with your fingers in your ears) and we joined a good fast track over to Cow Green reservoir for a snack stop. We followed the Pennine Way over to High Cup Nick, it's fairly rideable but quite flat so takes a bit of energy. We arrived at High Cup Nick and got some great views as we made our way round the side and started the long rocky descent back down. This is very good but the whole day is definitely an old fashioned day out on North Pennine fells. A great run down and then we were delighted to find we had just made it back in time to get coffee and cake at the tea shop in Dufton - an excellent end to the day. Thanks everyone for keeping us company.

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