Hebden Bridge Weekend Away

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-03-26

Canal Hebden BridgeApril turned into rather a hectic month for me what with toothache, a bash on the head, Easter and then The Wedding so it's only now that I've got around to telling you about our weekend in Hebden Bridge at the end of March. We stayed in a very 'interesting' B&B personally selected by Judith; Andy, Russ and John ended up sharing a family room in the attic and it was only because Graham had to pull out at the last minute that two of them didn't end up in a double bed together! We had to book our breakfast times at 15 minute intervals and the clocks changing on Saturday night completely passed the owner by until we woke her up to make breakfast. Mat, Emma and baby Heather were in town as well (in a much better B&B) and Mat joined us for rides whilst Emma and Heather went walking with friends.


The trails were dry as a bone and for the first time around here we only needed one set of brake pads each. We spent Saturday exploring the hills around Hebden Bridge and Todmorden and did some of our favourite tracks including the packhorse trail down to the canal and the golf course bridleway. We finished off down a new bit with some excellent rocky switchbacks very reminiscent of the trails we found in Italy last autumn. Unfortunately on Sunday Steve and Judith had to head home as Steve's back took a turn for the worse. The rest of us headed north up to Top of the Stairs and on to Ogden Reservoir via some superb dry peaty single-track over the top of the moors. A fine finish down an excellent steep, rocky, narrow bridleway brought us out at Hardcastle Crags and then into Hebden Bridge for a final round of coffee and cakes with Emma and Heather at our favourite café. A grand weekend away, the tracks were in superb condition and the company was, as usual, excellent.

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