Good Morning Sausage

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-02-09

We arrived at Grinton Youth Hostel on Saturday morning in the pouring rain and were hopeful that everybody else had stayed in bed. Sadly they hadn't, so Judith, Steve, Jenny, Alex, Alan and I set off up the hill towards Apedale. The good news on the way up the hill was that it stopped raining, the bad news was that it turned to snow - though to be fair, snow is more fun than rain. We headed over the top in snow and fog and then the precipitation abated a bit as we did a fun bit of singletrack at the far end of Harkerside. We stopped in the Shooting Lodge to change wet gloves and eat a quick sandwich but it left us all very cold as we were soaked. An interesting run down to Grinton and then straight to Dales cafe for a couple of hours to warm up and eat cake and drink hot chocolate.

Then back to the hostel to enjoy their new advertising slogan - "Good morning sausage". Apparently the accompanying video was sheer genius but had to be abandoned because customers couldn't stop sniggering.

Over forty of us were there for the AGM although numbers were slightly reduced by the unfinished England rugby match on the telly. We had a very good meal and then Lizzie provided us with a great quiz that the mountain bikers won! WIth, it's fair to say, the help of Liz's family, Simon and Tilly so maybe it wasn't all our own work.

Sunday was drier but extremely windy. We met up in Marske and were thrilled that Richard decided to make his come-back on one of our rides! Ian and his friend Scott joined us and Jenny, Steve and Judith braved the elements for the second day running. We did the classic loop which wasn't too wet but we all got blown off our bikes by the strong and unpredictable winds. Slightly stunned by the ferocity of the wind we stopped in a calm moment of sunshine in the trees just before we got back to Marske.

Thanks to everone who came out to ride on an inauspicious weekend and also thanks to Barbara and Lizzie for organising an excellent weekend away.

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