Fountains Abbey and beyond (or #gotmyfingerout)

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2015-03-29

For some unfathomable reason we agreed to lead a ride the day after we got back from our ski trip so I wasn't feeling very energetic when we all met up in Fountain's Abbey car park. Luckily it was a lovely day and the ride was planned to be easy-going so my tired legs did eventually manage to get going for the day. Ian, Judith, Yvette, Alan, Nev, Sas, Skye and I assembled in the car park and whilst Sas towed Skye on a ride around the Abbey the rest of us headed south over various miraculously dry bridleways. A very pleasant ride but not many exciting adventures to report. Easily the most macabre sight of the day was a (hopefully) dead game bird dangling by its head from the radiator grille on a parked car, we could only assume the owner hadn't noticed! We sat out in lovely sunshine at the cafe afterwards and ate cake, chatted to Ian's family (Sarah and Pippa) and met up with Skye and Sas back from their adventures. A good day out.

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