Firth Fell and Buckden Pike

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2017-06-20

Mark G, Jenny, Alan and I met up on a very warm and very sunny morning in Buckden. We set off up the hill opposite and rode and pushed our way up to the top of Firth Fell, mainly dry underwheel and with a section of stone slabs and bog cotton near the top. Jenny got a fly in her eye and then lost a contact lens but luckily still seemed to be be able to see where she was going as we did a beautiful stretch of singletrack and a long and varied descent down into Kettlewell. Some of the lower sections were very rough and loose but we all got down ok and stopped under a tree in Kettlewell to get a bit of shade and have a sandwich.

We accidentally headed out of Kettlewell the wrong way so turned round and found the right way - very steeply up Top Mere road. A long plod up and eventually we arrived on the tops for a relatively dry traverse across to the top of Buckden Pike itself. A stop to put on knee pads and top up on water and snacks before another long descent back down into Wharfedale. The top section had some tricky water bars but nobody flatted and we had a great run down the rocky descent back into Buckden. We just about got a table in the shade outside the cafe and enjoyed a well earned drink. Alan even managed to get apple pie, no custard though, he had to make do with ice-cream. Great ride, thanks to the team for playing.

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