An Eventful Night

Posted by Dave Thompson on 2021-11-15

Friday was Guy Fawkes night and seven mountain bikers gathered at Clay Bank car park to take to the high ground to see the fireworks over Teesside. Traffic proved a bit heavy and caught some out resulting in a ten minute delay to the start to the ride, a bit of Hikey Bikey up the Cleveland way soon got us all warmed up. Fairly easy going & a wee bit of single track to the highest point on the NYM’s, Round Hill, a lights off moment to appreciate the stillness and beauty of the night. A bit more single track and a fairly fast descent on the wide trail running into another bit of single track and a ditch crossing, which caught a few out. Regrouped we headed towards Bloworth Crossing, this is where the Cleveland Way and Lyke Wake Walk part company, we took the CW heading North. When we were about as far from the cars as possible, a deep, narrow washed out bit of track caught one rider out resulting in a broken rear mech hanger. All hands on board for a quick repair, chain split, rear mech removed and chain put back together to create a single speed arrangement. Onwards and upwards - well actually it was down the Ingleby Incline at great speed and the forest tracks back to Clay Bank. Five minutes short of finishing one of the riders lights went out, no problem, just ride alongside someone with really powerful lights ! ! ! The evening was not done yet though, getting into and starting a car when the key fob battery has died proved to be impossible. Car rescue called and the majority of riders shooed away home, while a small contingent remained behind to provide a warm car as refuge until rescue arrived with a new battery. Problem sorted and everyone home safe and sound.

A memorable night out.


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