Eleven go mad in Swaledale

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2017-02-23

Karen decided her medium TBC ride would start in Reeth so eleven of us turned out on a mild and pleasant February Sunday. A few faces we haven't seen for a bit turned up and a couple of potential new members so the role call was Karen, Andy, Mark, Alan, Sarah, Jenny, Steve, Mike, Simon, JB and Rob. We set off up School Lane and even in a bit of mud it was a suprisingly good way to gain some height as we headed for Foregill Gate. We met more wind than we were expecting as we rode via Blades to the top of the excellent Electric Gate descent into Gunnerside so Andy gave me a wheel across the long slightly uphill grassy section (much appreciated). Then a good hoon down on a reasonably mud free bridleway for a lunch stop on the benches in the village centre. Alan and I have got skiers legs at the moment (not as good as mountain bikers legs) so after some discussion we left the others to their climb up past Summer Lodge and on to Apedale Head and Height of Greets. Alan and I headed down the Corpse Road and then climbed up onto Harkerside where we met Mark (who has kitchen extension building legs) and finished off the route down Grouse Butts and Gamekeepers. Simon and JB had to head home but the rest of us met up in Dales cafe for a long and enjoyable cake and coffee session. Thanks Karen for a great ride, sorry we couldn't quite drag ourselves up to Summer Lodge!

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