A Drizzly, Muddy Day

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-10-31

Ten of us met up in Aysgarth Falls car park on an inauspicious morning with cloud on the hills, however we soon cheered each other up by having an extended faff with Phil, Rach and Judith’s mudguards whilst we waited for Jason to get ready (I wasn’t sure whether “faff” was a real word so I checked in the dictionary which defines it as “spending time in ineffectual activity”, this covers what the mountain bike section does admirably I think). The wet night had left the tracks quite muddy so the ride up puncture alley (none today though) and then past Cubeck up above Semer Water was slippery but rideable, Sally managing particularly well in middle ring. Since Karen’s bike was recently stolen (along with about seven other SOC bikes in various thefts) she was keen to try out other people’s bikes, as was Rach who is being tempted into getting a new full susser ready for next year’s gravity fed holidays abroad. This made the ride a bit like musical bikes, every time we stopped everybody changed bikes with somebody else, by the end though Karen was definitely lusting after Jason’s Commencal and Rach had covetous eyes on Judith’s Orange 5. Rach also had a precarious go on Alan’s Mojo but had a bit of trouble reaching the pedals even with the uppy-downy seatpost set to its lowest level. Steady drizzle set in as we paddled around the back of Addleborough so by the time we were climbing up above Askrigg to Oxclose Road I sensed a disinclination to go any further into the murk and we headed back via the old quarry to the visitor centre café for large slices of carrot cake. In the end we had a worthwhile ride on a rather dull day so thanks everybody for turning out.

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