Did you just say free cake?

Posted by Mark Russell on 2015-05-17

So it seems that we have discovered a way to ensure a good turn out within the club. Offer them free cake and you will have plenty of folk to ride with. Twelve of us in total met at the village green at Reeth ready for action. A good show of boys & girls which is always good to see. Lots of smiles however disappeared pretty quickly once I mentioned we were heading straight for Fremington edge. But not to be party poopers everyone got on with the job of getting to the top in fine fashion. Well sort of, some of us were feeling a little delicate from the night before!


Once we had everyone at the top we made our way down and along to the top of the old quarry. Yvette loved the descent so much she asked to do it again. However she quickly got the idea she would be on her own. We carried along a tad further along the river and popped out at Langthwaite.

From here across to Foregill Gate then along Cringley Hill dropping all the way down to the road just before Healaugh. Coming back along and across Scaba Wath bridge. Lastly cutting back onto track at Intake and riding across to bring us down into Grinton and Fremington. Just shy of 13 miles and more importantly avoiding the increasing wind and potential rain.


Once back at Dales Bikes it was time for your’s truly to cut and divide the birthday cake and what a monster it was! Fudgy chocolate orange. After lots of drinking of tea/coffee and scoffing of cake along with some photo’s it was time to do the last drag to the cars at Reeth, make our farewells and get ourselves home.


A big thank you to the 11 fine people who joined me. It made it a very memorable day out.

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