Danby Dales: Singletrack fun

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-08-16

Well, I was a little concerned as my co-leader (unofficially, as unknown to her) Em was unable to make the ride so all responsibility lay in my hands to not get us lost; which has been known to happen, usually when its wet, windy and dark. Well surely we won't need to consider the latter unless it really does go banana skins up. But wet and windy was on the forecast. So there was Phil, Rachel, Sarah, Alan, Lucy, Frankie, Dave G, Andy and I ready to set off back up the hill from Danby Dales centre to Danby, sorry Frankie for making you do the climb you'd just descended to meet up for the start! Straight onto the Danby Rigg single track climb which I absolutely love as its so pretty with all the purple heather with a fantastic descent at the end. Up the snotty road climb with a delightful head wind to Glaisdale Moor Highway and lots of walkers to avoid but all good fun as fast and pedally. Back onto the road for another session of battling with the wind. Then another great section of single track with an interesting face scratcher descent, eye protection probably not a bad idea. Unfortunately that was really the end of the fun single track as the rest was either double track, road or farm tracks.  But hey it didn't rain and we didn't get lost (thanks Sarah for your help along the road) and we had lots of cake at the end. What a perfect Sunday, all that thanks to me.. he he!!!!

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