Danby Dales

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-03-21

Somehow even though the forecast at the start of the week was severe rain, it miraculously improved by the time Sunday came, I must be in the good books with the Weather Gods. We started with a challenging single track ascent from Danby that brings you to a cracking narrow rocky descent. As we lost all the height we were in for an immediate big climb to get us to Glaisdale moor. Some decided to do the road climb instead of the short bridleway... Whusses! But even doing the short off road section we still had to rejoin the road and continue the endless climb. Glaisdale moor single track is always fun and today it didn't disappoint. Road section... Boo! We passed the fun single track we have done in the past to instead do my "oh so pretty descent" which unfortunately started with a lack of obvious trail and a few falls to my magical place at the start of the fun descent where we had lunch. Unfortunately Rach found the stopper that I didn't describe very well.. sorry Rach. Another single track section cost Lucy a rear mech hanger and I planted myself into a very wet puddle. The final mystery descent didn't entice all as some missed it out.. was cake calling!

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