Clay Bank

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-08-01

For the second week running the numbers of riders was limited due to a combination of summer holidays and rides in the Alps. Only myself and Dave T set out from Clay Bank but were joined after 5 minutes after heading up onto the moor by a panting Frankie who had left it a bit late to set off to ride up from home! The weather was relatively still and the sun trying to break through as we headed from Bloworth Crossing and then down the rutted bridleway into the remote valley of Bransdale. Dave then astounded everyone by jumping a four foot fence like a mini Steve McQueen to land on the road below just as a van pulled up offering free beer, ice cream and cake to everyone in Bransdale.


We made good time despite a detour due to a closed road and, carb. loaded by the unexpected refreshments, soon crossed Slape Wath Moor and Tripsdale to the edge of Urra Moor where we tried an alternative bridleway from Med Crag which is obviously not well used but was just about visible through the heather and gave us good fun before joining the main track on the edge of the moor.


To finish we headed down the stone steps to Clay Bank although Dave’s earlier exploits were catching up with him as he did an alarming dismount and disappeared from view over a steep drop - should have heeded the cyclists dismount sign!


All in all a good ride with three big downhills, one grazed elbow and a few small untruths, but if you weren't there you'll have to guess what they were.

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