Christmas Ride (& see the video!)

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-12-11

Click here to see the video!!


Our Christmas ride has become an annual event in more ways than one and the ride for 2010 was no exception. This ride marks the start of the year as far as the annual slide show goes so there is always a challenge to set things off in style. In addition the ride is fancy dress which provides plenty of humour. This year Rach decided we were to have a theme – the Christmas nativity – and auditions started early. Nev and Saskia, as ever, put in a great deal of preparation – it’s a shame they got the timing of their immaculate conception a bit out as the baby is not due till June so we had to make do with a dolly for the day. The crib did take the usual few hours of Nev’s life to construct – hours he will never get back , but that is also tradition. Rach was very determined to be a star and twinkled from afar – possibly the best costume ever on a ride! Alan and Sarah were King Bike Tart and Angel respectively; David and Sue were Santa’s little, and occasionally grumpy, helpers while I played shepherd (nice beard) to Phil’s sheep. Toni from the Shoulder of Mutton at Kirby Hill obliged as the local innkeeper and played a main part in the video production that evolved during the course of the day. You can always rely on Kirby Hill residents to turn out in fancy dress at moment’s notice – 5 minutes after being asked Toni had a tea towel sellotaped to her head and a long grey beard.


So off we set on our ride with the sun twinkling on the star as she guided our way. We headed off up towards the masts and did a circuit of the local bridleways before heading off towards Applegarth to enjoy the new gates. Not sure if the hunting party took it all in as we biked past but they took it in their stride, which is more than could be said for two riders on horseback – the star was just a bit too startling.  It was up on the Applegarth that we filmed the main production which has got to be seen to be believed (link above) . Needless to say we all got a bit carried away but gave it 110% in enthusiasm. Not sure what award Alan was going for with his skipping scene but it was fun. Mince pies demolished and the baby christened, we headed back to Kirby Hill where the innkeeper managed to get us in for last orders.


Well done to the cast for a magnificent performance -  in particular to Rach and Phil for directing and producing and Nev and Saskia for wearing a whole bed linen department and still managing to ride bikes!

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