Bainbridge Again!

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-05-19

Alan (forks now back from the menders), Mark G, Simon (second ride out for his new, very blue, bike), Jenny and I headed out from Bainbridge on a bit of bridleway I haven't explored before. This is a rare thing around here so I was quite excited, Mark knew the track and to be honest it wasn't in the least bit exciting as it was all uphill. However it got us off the road and heading up to the peaty singletrack around Woodhall Greets. This was in great condition and we all mastered the twin challenges of (1) not trapping a leg in the limestone pavement whilst avoiding the holes and (2) riding as close to the fence as possible without catching the handlebars and pinging off into the heather. Altogether a fun and challenging little section. Then a long fast and flowy descent back down to the river, always good. We spent lunchtime discussing the previous night's Eurovision song contest and then climbed up from Cubeck for another go at the bridleway around the back of Addleborough, very dry so fairly fast and fun. We finished down Alan's favourite track (not), the limestone baby heads of Nipe Lane. Mark had the best go at this but everybody else had a good attempt and Simon and Jenny were still on their bikes as we arrived at the boulder fest near the road. We whizzed along the road to the cafe at Bainbridge and despite the presence of a huge lemon meringue pie we all had cake instead. A marvellous weekend of riding, you can't beat the Dales in the Spring when the trails are dry.

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