Anthony's Reeth Ride

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-09-12

Anthony scheduled a hard ride from Reeth but then realized he was going to have a hangover so passed the job onto us. We turned up in Reeth but discovered that a cold bug rampaging round the mountain bike section had reduced our numbers and caused most of the people who did come along to say “I’m not feeling very good, hope this won’t be a hard ride” plus Dave G turned up still suffering from rib damage after lugeing bikeless over rocks in the Alps. Undaunted we set off up onto Harkerside Moor to check out a fun steep drop by one of the shooting lodges before plodding up and over into Apedale to test out the aforementioned flushing toilet. After Judith, Rach and I had had a go we continued up Apedale and Alan and I showed all the young ones how it’s done by climbing up the steepest and rockiest bit of the track for the first time ever. We decided to try out a new descent on the other side but it turned out to be unrideable in parts so we ended up doing some scrambling down but did get the good descent to the farm.  We met up with Emma in Gunnerside just in time for an unpleasantly steep climb up to the top of Bunton Hush that leads down into Gunnerside Ghyll. Bunton Hush gave us excellent sport, this has to be about the best descent in Swaledale, just as we were making our way down the steepest and rockiest section we spotted about forty walkers sitting in a row eating lunch on the other side of the ghyll. Rach, Emma and Karen met up with them later and they said they were impressed with our efforts but had assumed we were all men (what a cheek, by this time we were up to five women and only two men!). After swooping our way along the bridleway to Winterings we were all feeling quite weary so we called it a day and headed off to eat cake at Dales Mountain Biking (again) (top cake and 10% off for SOC members).

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