Vic's Staindrop Ride 11 Feb 2015

Woodlands Feb 2015
Posted by James Gravenor on 2015-02-11

Bernadine, Yvonne, Ann, Peter (a new member) and James met in Laurels at Staindrop. Laurels original tea room is in Gainford where Arthur Stanley Jefferson (alias Stan Laurel) went to school at Gainford Academy. Unfortunately after putting a stone on over the winter period I felt more like Oliver Hardy.

A couple of people sent their apologies including Vic who instead of leading the ride was gallivanting in Abu Dhabi and Mick who had been confined to home because of a sore throat and headache. Those who turned up also started making excuses even before the ride began including: new bike, colds, rode here, not ridden for some time, etc. Before jetting off to the sun, Vic had given Berni the route plan through cold and overcast Durham.

The ride began with a slog up the A688 before turning off to Cockfield. After a pleasant descent we then climbed again to Woodland, over a 1,000 feet high. The climb was worth it for the steady long descent (descibed by Peter as gliding) along the edge of Hamsterley Forest. We had lunch at the A68 Diner, a first for the Cycling Section. Congratulations to Vic for choosing it - good food at good prices. Yvonne thought it was the best bacon butty she had eaten in a long time. The return was much easier than the outward leg and we quickly got back to Staindrop via Evenwood and Hilton.

Thank you to Vic!


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