A Tale of Two Cafes

Posted by James Gravenor on 2016-12-12

On Wednesday 7th December a large party (I think 15 at one time but people came and went on route) cycled frm Richmond to High Parks Gallery and Cafe near Newton le Willows. The Cafe, one of our top 5, was very welcoming and the ride was very enjoyable - not much else to say really.

On the following Friday (9th December) a smaller party of nine set off from Eppleby to cycle to the cafe at Cotherstone - the final top 5 cafe to be revisited. This trip was fated. It had been cancelled a few weeks earlier because of snow and ice. This time the weather was fine but we arrived at the Cafe a week early - it had been booked incorrectly for the following Friday. There was very little room in the cafe so seven of us cycled onwards to Analucia in Barnard Castle, owed by a friend of Carol Ashton and excellent it was too. Mick and Steve squeezed into the Cotherstone Cafe whose owner was so disturbed by the mistake (not hers) over the booking that she gave them a free lunch. Wait a minute the only people who got in and ate were given a free lunch whilst the rest of us weren't. Only Mick could have wrangled this. Oh well we will have to repeat the ride next year.

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