Sunday 8th March 2015 Richmond to Eggleston

Posted by James Gravenor on 2015-03-10

Bernadine was none too pleased when we started by climbing up Hurgill Road. She had only just descended it to meet us. The ride was billed as undulating but it bordered on hilly. The wind didn't help us on the way out. After a minor revolt at Greta Bridge it was decided to pacify the troops by stopping for coffee at the Moritt Arms. They were very accommodating. Barbara banned me from eating a tea cake and took the sugar cube out of Peter's cup - what a bossy boots. The coffee was very strong and fuelled us with caffeine for our climb up Teesdale to Eggleston Hall.

Paul left us after lunch and Steve led us up Eggleston Bank. The 9 mile descent from the top to Staindrop was magnificent with the wind behind us and the sun out. Jenny stopped to fix her mud guard but apart from this we returned without incident to Richmond having cycled 49 miles.

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