Scorton Ride 16th September 2015

Posted by Yvonne Armitage on 2015-09-16

Mick, Jenny and Yvonne left Scorton in the direction of Moulton and Mid Tyas. Yvonne had passed James mending a puncture near Brompton on Swale and,after a phone call, arranged for him to catch us up on the route somewhere on the way to Croft. Unfortunately James took a different route through Mid Tyas while Jenny was putting her chain back on and managed to arrive in Croft ahead of the small group. We eventually met up in Hurworth and shortly afterwards found Liz and Judith who were coming in the opposite direction from Brompton in order to make a shorter ride.

Nice dry lanes quickly took us through Girsby, Hornby and Appleton Wiske to arrive at Roots for lunch where it was sunny enough to sit outside and make use of the new serving shed for al fresco diners.

Our Brompton friends accompanied us as far as the A167 just after Deighton and, passing lots of Coast to Coasters, we made good progress back to Scorton from where Jenny and James put in extra miles back to their respective homes.

Thanks to those who came. Weren't we lucky with the weather?

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