Ride to Roots 23 November 2016

Posted by Mark Thorogood on 2016-11-29

We had a lovely day for the ride. Monday was awful, Tuesday was nearly as bad and Wedesdaay could not have been better. We met at the cafe in Hurworth and everyone got there early enough for a pre ride drink. A few of us had cycled in, From Darlington or Barton and we had 14 people for the ride.

We set off towards Neasham and I thought I would turn left and avoid the hill, they all corrected me and we went up the hill. The ride to Roots was lovely. The view down to the Tees in Middleton One Row was fantastic. Sadly I left Mick behind in Yarm for a few seconds and he couldn't tell me of a better route through there, next time I hope. We got to Roots and luckily there were tables for all of us next to each other. The lunch was good (our table at least) and then we all progressed back to Hurworth again. During lunch the weather was looking a bit dark but on the way back it was blue sky all the way. We got back, going down the hill in Neasham this time, and after saying goodbyes we all went home. It was a lovely day out.

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