A ride up to Preston under Scar - 7th August - led by Pauline

Appetites satisfied!!!
Posted by Pauline Bennison on 2016-08-07

Once again the sun shone on the righteous as Peter, Mike, Liz, Jenny, John H, Judith, John D, Pete, Ken, Mark, Bernie, Glenys, Paul, Barbara, Yvonne & I set off from Bedale heading West towards East Witton.
 Spookily Barbara had a puncture in exactly the same place she’d had her last puncture over a year ago. Two knights in lycra (Paul & John H) stayed behind to assist while the rest of us sauntered on.
As to be expected by some the 3 fastest cyclists on the ride, they soon caught us up. 

The ride from East Witton to Cover Bridge was particular delightful with wonderful clear views over to Middleham and no traffic.  Paul left us at Agglethorpe, after demonstrating how to cycle up a steep hill without gasping for breath or breaking into a sweat like (most of) the rest of us! 

Although everyone had been warned about the 2 hills before lunch there was a lot of grumbling & moaning at the start of the climb up Preston under Scar, some people even suggesting they didn’t like me any more (you know who you are!  :) )

All the pain & suffering was forgotten as we whizzed down the hill into Leyburn to our lunch stop at Chambers Coffee House.  After some reorganisation of tables we were able to sit outside in the sun and everyone enjoyed a tasty lunch.
It turned out to be a long break because of the large number of us all turning up at once but everyone agreed the food was excellent and I can declare my bacon butty was the best I’ve eaten in my life!
eter is busy planning more rides in the area so he can sample the ginormous sausage & cheese baguette that John H devoured!

The homeward journey was a gently undulating affair with the only hold up coming when we had to wait for 4 cows who were being taken on an afternoon walk.  Barbara & Glenys peeled off at various points on the way back & I returned to Bedale with 13 out of my original 18 – I consider that a success!



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