Richmond: Steve & Carol's Twenty Hillyish Miles

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-07-22

Fourteen members met at the clubhouse for this Wednesday ride, an excellent turn out for these increasingly popular midweek rides. Amongst the faithful were Maura and Barbara who were also on the very first SOC ride back in the dark ages of circa 1974.

We left the clubhouse and immediately encountered our first climb to Holly Hill. We took the Hudswell road and steadily climbed up beyond Hudswell towards the open moor. We all enjoyed the descent to Downholme where we stopped at the local pub for a cup of coffee. The route took us downhill from Downholme to the Reeth/Richmond road, and then to Marske. The main hill of the day, Clapgate Bank, was to defeat a number of us (including the leaders!) and several bikes were pushed up this steep hill. After a brief rest, we continued towards Richmond where Carol left us to return directly to Richmond to prepare the lunch for the rest of us. Rumour had it that Carol and Steve had been baking the previous day!

Whilst Carol got drenched from a sharp shower, the rest of us avoided any serious rain on our way to Whashton. We took a number of lovely, narrow country lanes as we headed towards Hartforth, taking note of the swifts and swallows wheeling above us. We reached Gelling West and then returned to Richmond and on to Carol and Steve’s where tea, cakes, quiche, mini sausage rolls, scotch eggs and mini cheese pasties were consumed with gusto.

An excellent ride with a great turnout which proved very enjoyable for all

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