Ravensworth - Fremington: Wednesday 8th June

Posted by Yvonne Armitage on 2016-06-09

A surprising number turned up despite suffering on this ride in previous years. The climb up to Gayles warmed us on this misty morning and we met up with James and Barbara.

A nice glide brought us to Newsham where we turned off to make the long climb up to Holgate Moor. Because of the mist we seemed to get to the top more quickly than usual and were 20 minutes early on arrival at Marske
after the steep descent which had been resurfaced earlier this year.

The next climb up the bank to Marrick was made easier as the road was being tarmaced and we were forced to dismount at the hardest part. The man with the roller was not happy with the footsteps left in his artwork by Jenny
and told us we shouldn't be on the road even though the man at the bottom had let us go through. Barbara was very concerned about getting tar in her new tyres and we all ended up with sticky shoes.

However we made it easily to Fremington for lunch.

The descent of Swaledale down the main road was quite fast as far as Marske where we turned off to make our final long climb over Feldom.

Tired legs by this stage meant that a few walked some of this part. At the turn off to Ravensworth James and Barbara headed for Richmond whilst the rest of us had a little more uphill to do before a lovely descent to the finish.

Just short of 31 miles at 10.1 miles an hour.

Thanks to all who came,

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