Martin's Memorial Ride - Bransdale Loop - Saturday 25 July 2015

Posted by on 2015-08-14

Thirteen of us met at the Ryeburn Ice Cream Parlour in Helmsley for a 30 mile (hilly) ride around Bransdale Loop.  The group included Liz, Paul, Anth, Mike and Liz, Berni and Bella, Peter, James and Barbara, Jenny, Lyn and Steve.  It was an excellent turn out for such a memorable day much of which was spent cursing, no no -  remembering Martin and the lovely hills he liked to cycle.  Bransdale was a favourite ride of Martin's and we soon began to realise why!

We had a bit of a headwind when we set off which wasn't too encouraging but the wind luckily didn't get any worse and it didn't rain.  There is basically only one road, uphill, so everyone went at their own pace and we were soon strung out along the hill, leaving the leader at the back, as usual these days!  The heather was starting to come out which was looking lovely and the views across Bransdale are quite exceptional making the climb all the more worth while.

It was not our intention to stop en route as there are no cafes.  The plan was to head back the Ice Cream Parlour in Helmsley for lunch and to meet Martin's Mum Clare and his twin brother Andrew.  However, best laid plans.  Anth took a trip up a bit more of a hill to see the lovely church near the top of Bransdale and we all dutifully followed,  As it was the church supplies tea and coffee by way of an honesty box, so, not wanting to miss an opportunity we had coffee and a sit on the grass in the sun for a few moments, it was lovely.

Liz set off first at a fair pace with Paul hot on her heels and when the rest of us realised we tried in vain to catch her.  When we arrived safely back to the Ice Cream Parlour Clare and Andrew met us and we all had lunch together.  The staff were very accommodating as we completely rearranged the furniture to fit everyone in.  Clare insisted on buying us all ice creams which were were unable to resist.

It was a lovely lovely only marred by the fact Martin is no longer with us.  No doubt watching some of us struggle up the hill gave him a huge laugh though - I hope so.


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