Jenny’s Hilly Ride from Reeth to Askrigg 5 August 2015

Posted by Bernadine McDonald on 2015-08-28
Riders: Jenny, John, Graham, Jill, Mike & Liz, Bernadine
Although initially put off by the hilliness, I thought I would give this ride a go and was more inclined to do so on the basis that two people similar to my capability had said they would be going. In the event, they didn’t attend  (mentioning no names, except to say that M and D know who they are and I don’t mean my Mummy and Daddy!) Looking at the field of riders, therefore, I knew I would always be number seven!
We noted what a sunny Summer’s  day we had as we ambled up the gentle incline towards Arkengarthdale. Before reaching the CB Inn, however, we turned sharp left, so I had to daydream about a visit to the Punch Bowl Inn instead. This was the first of the three big climbs, but the senior citizens were kind, including Graham who helped me up the hill by hanging back and chatting. When a car was passing as we paused at the top of the hill, someone remarked “Berni your back end is sticking out” at which point John suggested sticking feathers on it!
On reaching the Feetham side of Low Row we turned left, heading back down Swaledale for a few miles before turning right at Low Whita. I found this climb to be the toughest of the three and unlike the other six riders had to get off and push twice. Again there was a mature “gentleman” (the one fond of feathers) who helped talk me up to the top. We were rewarded with a glorious descent to Askrigg and lunch sat outside the café. 
We climbed out of Askrigg towards Nappa and after passing through Carperby turned left up to Bolton Castle. Just before reaching the castle, Graham snapped the dragon carved out of a tree trunk (see photo). Our third big climb of the day over Redmire and Harkerside Moor led us to the Dales Bike Centre where most people opted for Rocky Road.
Many thanks to Jenny for leading us on such a rewarding route.
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