I still have friends - Richmond to Leyburn 13 January 2016

Posted by James Gravenor on 2016-01-14

I was surprised that 16 people came on my ride from Richmond to Leyburn. Some obviously hadn't heard about my ride to Sedgefield - voted by the participants as the worse ride of the year and possibly ever. Others are clearly very loyal friends who have forgiven me.

Today was a complete contrast: clear, reasonably warm for the time of year, no wind, and beautiful scenery. Fearing snow in the afternoon (which never came) I set off at a brisk pace via Catterick Garrison, Scotton, Hunton, Constable Burton and onwards via a hill and a minor road to Leyburn. We ate at Penleys which scored 77% on the cafeometer but with some wide differences of opinion - how could one person score a scone 5 and another 1?

We left John in Leyburn, at his request, to fix a puncture. His last known whereabouts was in Wetherspoons in Richmond. Jenny artfully took her bike into the bike shop in Leyburn and they fixed her puncture whilst she ate lunch. The rest of the party split into two groups. I led ( a bit of a misnomer as I was at the back most of the time) an elite group of 5 over Grinton Moor and the hilly roads from Fremington to Richmond via Marske whilst Barbara led the majority back via Downholme and Hudswell.

William recorded the route on Strava - here is the link: https://www.strava.com/activities/469478676 . A number of us now use Garmins and it's easy to load up the route on Strava and compare performance. The Flyby facility is fun - you can see how much faster William was than I going up the hills. We even have a Swaledale Outdoor Club presence on Strava. Although only Peter B and I have recorded rides this year and Peter is top of the SOC league table for both distance cycled and height climbed - my excuse is that I didn't turn my GPS on until we left Leyburn.

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